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 [Raider] Robbey Anderson

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PostSubject: [Raider] Robbey Anderson   Fri Jan 23, 2009 10:46 pm

Name: Robbey Anderson
Age: 18
Blood Type: AB

Favorite ARMS Type: Class X
Alliance: Raider
Job Type: Pilot

Faction Farsoth Clan

Personality: Robbey is a carefree fellow, who likes nothing better than exploring, and making a profit. Jokes come quick to hand with Robbey, as do sarcastic remarks. He is known to get quite heated when someone insults him, steals something of his, and when he is in combat. However, Robbey is uncomfortable around strangers, and does not take the lead often. He is a natural leader, though, and is capable of quick decisions, and using objective logic.

History: Robbey was born to a middle-class family that could not support another child. Within a year of him being born, they traded the babe for mecha parts they could sell. Taken in by the Raiders, Robbey was raised a normal life with them. At a young age, about six or seven, he began taking an interest in mechas and their parts. He learned basic maintenance, and scavenging techniques, but the stories of mecha-based combat always thrilled him most. By twelve he had begun piloting different mechas, getting a feel for the different types. He mostly enjoyed the Class C control systems, and how the mechas reacted to command, similar to how he moved. Today, Robbey pilots a Class C mecha.

Appearance: Robbey is tall, about 6’2”, and has a slight build. As such, he isn’t particularly strong, but is quick on his feet, possessing good balance and coordination. Robbey wears a long, brown coat, which hangs to his knees. The collar of his coat has gone soft with wear, and is now folded flat, instead of standing. He wears his coat completely undone, its buttons are long-lost. Robbey’s tan shirt is short sleeved; laced up almost to his neck, and is tucked into a pair of baggy brown pants that are just a bit too long. Mid-calf length boots, brown leather, and heavily scuffed, cover his feet. Some of the laces are frayed in places, but the boots have lasted him a long time, and are well-worn, and soft. A belt under his coat holds a number of things. A holstered pistol sits his right hip, and, at his back is a horizontally sheathed knife. A canteen sits his right hip. Robbey’s jacket pockets are also filled with a plethora of things, including water purifiers, and change.


Robbey’s mecha is about five meters tall, and very slim. The cockpit is oriented beneath strong armoring in the chest, where Robbey sits in a ‘bucket’ seat. Joysticks are oriented on the arms of the chair, and buttons on a touch-screen in front of him. Right stick controls movement, and left controls different aiming systems. The buttons can change the view from the head, to the cockpit, and to the left arm.

In general, the mecha is very human in appearance. Its head is shaped like a blank human face, covered with a traditional Japanese samurai helmet, and half-face. The eyes glow two different colors, one amber, and the other blue, because of two different camera systems. Oxygen intake is through the mouth. Its whole right and upper left arms are shaped generally like a human’s, and are joined at the elbows. The right arm is capped with a hand that has the maneuverability of a human hand and its general appearance. The left lower arm, however, is bulky, and its hand is shaped very differently. Three ‘fingers’ extend from out and down from the top, and two out and up from the bottom. These fingers can squeeze together. The lower arm is built around a cannon, whose muzzle extends slightly through the ‘palm’ of the left hand. This hand is very strong, and can rotate around 360 degrees. The right shoulder is capped with a small piece of armoring, shaped generally like an elongated bowl whose end nearest to the head is wider than the base. The left shoulder curves out, and then down to about the elbow. It follows the motions of the left arm closely, and doubles as a shield against medium blows.

The mecha’s legs are also human shaped, but the ‘heels’ of its feet extend about two feet back, a little less than half of the length of the front part of the ‘foot’. Booster systems are attached to the knees, and elbows, on the outside, providing maneuverability. These boosters can rotate in a complete circle. The most powerful thrusting systems are on the shoulders and back, and point generally downward, one for each shoulder and the back. These can rotate slightly from left to right. The number of boosters and the relative lightness of the mecha itself grant the machine considerable speed and maneuverability.

Other than the cannon in its arm, the mecha can use its left hand to grapple. Metallic clasps hold its primary melee weapon in an arc across its upper back. The moonblade has a slighter curve than most of its cousins, and is long enough to extend a good four feet to either side of the shoulder. Robbey is currently developing a system to split the blade in half and lift it higher, and spread each piece wider, if only for aesthetics.

Generally, the mecha was a Class C skeleton scavenged from a particularly good specimen, and with different favored parts attached. The paint job is mixed, and some parts have been sandblasted clean of paint. The process to get a uniform paint job is long and difficult, but it’s coming along.

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[Raider] Robbey Anderson
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